Customer Proximity

80 employees provide for a high degree of customer satisfaction

Working closely and cooperatively with our customers, we use our years of knowledge and experience to provide the wide variety of products which our customers need.

This cooperation, which begins in the planning phase, ensures that we are, at an early stage,  able to realise and fulfil our customers’ wishes.

In order to produce high quality goods every employee is responsible for a maximum quality at all times.

A dedicated family-owned company in the third generation
Personal commitment and a high degree of motivation are the best prerequisites for customer satisfaction and the foundation for long-term partnerships.

Unconditional quality awareness, coordination above and beyond the boundaries of sector and business and the continual dialogue with our customers enhance the efficiency of the process and have made us the attractive and reliable partner we are today.

Motivated employees, team work and management by a dedicated family company – now in the third generation – are a steady guarantor for this aspiration.

Two modern assembly plants with a production area of more than 9,000 m²
Tubes are manufactured in two factories, just a few hundred metres apart. Modern production facilities, optimised workflow and the fact that we have our own toolshop and machine engineering, mean that we can be most flexible as far as our customers’ requirements are concerned.

60 km east of Cologne, centrally located in “Oberbergisches Land”
We are located directly on an east-west and north-south junction, not far from such industrial centres as Cologne, the Ruhr and Frankfurt. This means our goods can reach any destination, not only within Germany but also throughout the world, within a short time.